Color linez

What is it?
A faithful remake of Color Lines for Windows 9x, 1998.
What computer or emulator will it run on?
I guess anything that runs Windows 9x.
Similar Games
Lines, BallTriX, Tactical Lines

According to the programmer, he wrote it as a present to his brother's birthday. For me, it's a bit of nostalgy: It was one of the first games I downloaded to my Pentium II back in 1999, when I was for the first time connected to the Internet. Seems I'm not the only one: Color Linez has come to be one of the most often downloaded games on this site.

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Download Color linez (49kB)

Color Lines Implementations
Lines W16     95 Ru  
Balltrix   W32   97 US Paul Benenson
Bubbles     Mac Ie Maxym Runov
Lines '98   W32   98 Ru  
Tactical Lines   W32   02 Ru Digital Geckos

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