World Builder

World Builder screenshot.

What is it?
A Game Creation System, mainly for adventure games, 1986, Macintosh.
What computer or emulator will it run on?
Nearly all 68k Macs.
Similar products
ZZT, MegaZeux, DCGames.

One of the few game makers for the Macintosh, World Builder was created 1986 by Bill Appleton for now-defunct Silicon Beach Software. It was on the market only for about a year. In 1995, Bill Appleton released the program, unchanged, as freeware, at the same time distancing himself from it. There will be no updates, no color support, and Bill Appleton has shown no intention to ever give out the source code.

Since World Builder is black & white only, the best idea is to run it on an old black & white compact Macintosh. It will however run well on systems up to 7.6 and on pretty much any 68k Mac with the sole exception of the few AV models; they already had the sound cards used on the PowerMacs and on them, World Builder will have no sound.

Download World Builder (1.1MB)


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