What is it?
Robots for Windows 3.1, 1991.
What computer or emulator will it run on?
Anything that runs 3.x.
Similar Games
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Originally this was a Unix game called Robots, which is where Nicholas Lonsky saw it. The concept was also popular on the Macintosh, where it was known as Daleks, named after the robots in the Dr. Who television series.

I don't know much about the history of the Unix game. It must have been written early in the 80s, since it uses the curses library, which was also the basis of Rogue, and Johan Strandberg created his original Daleks in 1984. There are, in fact, some similarities between Robots and the roguelike games, especially this type of turn-based gameplay where everything moves as soon as you do.

The randomly distributed robots move one step towards you with each step you take. When they crash into each other, they form an immovable scrap heap. If a robot crashes into the scrap heap, it is destroyed as well. When they come too close, you can teleport to a random location. The goal, of course, is to make all the robots crash without letting them catch you. Simple but fun!

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