Sex Tetris 2

What is it?
A Tetris clone using background graphics from Anco's Strip Poker II+, 1995, Sinclair ZX Spectrum.
What computer or emulator will it run on?
Erotic Tetris.

It's not officially called Sex Tetris 2, but the name has become common on ZX Spectrum archives to avoid confusion with the older Sex Tetris. The two games, however, are not in any way part of a series.

Sex Tetris II is quite solidly made, but the graphics are nowhere original. The lady on the title screen was originally a character graphic using the greyscale characters of the extended IBM character set, taking up seven screens and probably meant for printout. The graphic was used, for example, by the Pleasure Access BBS in 1994. Translated to pixels, it would have displayed well on a hi-res EGA screen, but looked rather disproportioned on the 1:1 ZX display. Besides, it lost a bit in monochrome (the original character graphic had four greyscales plus background). The background graphics of the game itself are taken from Anco's 1988 Strip Poker II+.

Download Sex Tetris 2 (30kB)

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