Sex Tetris

What is it?
A Tetris clone with (more or less) erotic graphics, 1993, Sinclair ZX Spectrum.
What computer or emulator will it run on?
Erotic Tetris.

This game by Sergey Tkachev (game code) and Oleg Kudinski (disk loader code) may well have served as the inspiration for XTet (which, incidentally, is probably what you were actually looking for, if you arrived here from a search engine), but it is not a direct ancestor. While the graphics are similar, the gameplay is still that of conventional Tetris. Unfortunately, the well is rather low, and the game is therefore rather difficult.

Sex Tetris is one of the earlier examples of the lively Spectrum scene that evolved after the collapse of the Soviet Union on its former territory. There is another, later, game of the same name, that to avoid confusion is usually listed as Sex Tetris 2.

Download Sex Tetris (19kB)

Erotic Tetris Clones
Bubble Bath Babes NES Columns 91 Jp
Su Sweet   C64     De
X Rock     DOS   Tw
Sextris     DOS   Tetris Es
Porntris     DOS   92 Be
Puzzle Beauty     DOS   Columns 93 Tw
Sex Tetris 2 ZX       Tetris 95 Ru
XTET       W32 96 Ru
Girltris   C64     97 Pl

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