RealGirls Strip Poker

RealGirls Strip Poker screenshot with Tina and Sharon.

What is it?
A strip poker game on CD, 1998, Windows and Macintosh.
What computer or emulator will it run on?
A Pentium or PowerMac. Real Girls Strip Poker requires hi-color/thousands of colors.
Similar Games
Poker Party, Cyberdreams, Video Strip Poker Supreme.

RealGirls Strip Poker is the last of those strip poker games that came on CD and used Quicktime technology, the heyday of which had been four years earlier. All the others, as in fact most of these CD extravaganzas, have vanished in the meantime, but RealGirls Strip Poker is still alive and well and can be bought, along with two additional opponent packs, from the Pokai homepage.

Unlike Poker Party you can play against two opponents if you choose to do so, but you can't mix them freely, since each girl from the nature of her graphics has to stick to either the right or the left side. Pokai are rather proud of their opponents, since each girl has a distinct personality and playing style.

You can use hands, tongue, or beer on your opponents, the latter is supposed to modify their behavior and playing style. Not an overly exciting game, yet the last species of a time when strip poker was still an art form and not some sort of adult entertainment.

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