Pipe Dream for Windows

What is it?
Pipe Mania for Windows 3.1, 1990.
What computer or emulator will it run on?
Anything that runs Windows 3.1, I guess.
Similar Games
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It is little known that besides (and before!) the official LucasArts Windows port of Pipe Dream (which became part of the Microsoft Entertainment Pack for Windows) there was another one, one that is in many aspects better. In screen layout and graphics, this one is closer to the Amiga/DOS original. The graphics are more compact (the window is a lot smaller), yet more playful, compared with the rather abstract LucasArts design. The plumber looks a bit sick in the Windows palette, and the score display is a bit haphazard, but it's still good.

Pipe Dream for Windows screenshot

From gameplay, this one seems easier than the other versions I have played. This may be seen as good or bad, I liked it that at least in the lower levels I could easily fill the screen with winding pipes, after all that's the main fun of the game.

As for the identity of the author, there was little I could find out. There are two types of credits in the game: on startup, the graphics display PIXELOGIC. The about screen (here found in the File menu) says Scott Thomson. Neither clue leads anywhere. There is a company called Pixelogic that developed a few 3D games, but it was founded 1995. And there are a lot of Scott Thomsons to be found on the web. That he named his game Pipe Dream, not Pipe Mania, makes it likely that he was from the US, but that's just a guess.

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