Post-Apocalyptic Games

Basically, a post-apocalyptic game takes place after a nuclear war. Life after the bomb enjoyed a moderate popularity in 50s and 60s science fiction. There have not been many post-apocalyptic computer games, but quite a number of them have become classics. They have usually been RPGs.

Roadwar 2000 (1986/87)
A strategy game by Westwood Studios later to become famous for Dune II. Not post-nuke, here it is a virus spread by terrorists that caused the end of civilisation.
Wasteland (1986/88)
While not exactly the first post-apocalyptic computer game, it was one of the first and is probably the oldest one that is still widely remembered today.
Badlands (1989) Badlands screenshot
An arcade racing game about which I know next to nothing. It does look somewhat post-apocalyptic.
Fountain of Dreams (1990)
A would-be sequel to Wasteland that did not quite live up to its predecessor.
Bad Blood (1990)
One of the Origin games that used the view (and possibly the engine) introduced with Times of Lore and best known from Ultima VI. A simple RPG with action combat.
Deuteros (1991)
A space game for Amiga and Atari ST.
Burntime (1993)
A strategy game by Austrian developer Max Design.
Transarctica (1993)
I originally did not include it in this list since it lacks the nuclear aspect. But being set in a new Ice Age, its atmosphere and gameplay are rather similar.
Perihelion: The Prophecy (1993) Perihelion screenshot
A mix of post-apocalyptic and cyberpunk elements, very atmospheric.
Alphaman (1995)
The only post-apocalyptic roguelike game I know, and one of the finest examples of colored ASCII graphics.
Black Viper (1996)
A motorcycle shooter for the Amiga that isn't really all that post-apocalyptic.
Fallout (1997)
The unofficial sequel to Wasteland, hailed as a major rejuvenation of the CRPG genre in its time and the main reason there is still interest in post-apocalyptic games.
Fallout 2 (1998)
The somewhat hasty sequel to Fallout. It compromised the Fallout world and its design was partly rather shoddy, but its greatly enhanced gameplay still endeared it to Fallout fans.
Mobile Rage (1998) Mobile Rage screenshot
A racing game that never got past beta stage.
Abomination (1999)
A squad-based tactical game, set in a world where a virus has wiped out most of civilisation.
Anarchy Online (2001)
Not very post-apocalyptic, but still the only MMORPG that (somewhat) falls into this category.
Fallout Van Buren (2003)
Interplay's dropped project for a sequel to the two original Fallout games, probably the best documented unreleased game ever.
Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel (2004)
The game Van Buren was dropped for. May be mentioned on Fallout forums only in the company of expletives, but nethertheless a post-apocalyptic game.
Metalheart: Replicants Rampage (2005)
This was one of the games the Fallout community had hoped might be a replacement or at least a consolation for the long-delayed Fallout 3, but turned out to be rather disappointing.
Fallout 3 (2008)
The long-delayed next in line of the Fallout series, now finally released by Bethesda (of Daggerfall fame). Lots of excitement on the Forums.

It should be noted that the planned, but never released, sequel for Wasteland, Meantime, would not have been a post-apocalyptic game, despite rumors stating the opposite. It would not even have been truly a sequel, just another game that used the Wasteland engine, like Escape from Hell.

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