Mick's Strip Poker

Mick's Strip Poker screenshot featuring Chrissy.

What is it?
A strip poker game, 1998, DOS/SVGA (640×480, 256 colors).
What computer or emulator will it run on?
I played it on a 386 (where it was a bit slow); under XP; and in DOSBox. The game absolutely requires a mouse, but will recognize a Windows mouse driver.
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Stripper Poker, Strip Poker for Windows, Casino Girls Video Poker.

For me, Mick's Strip Poker is simply a very nostalgic thing. It was one of the first games I played on my new computer in 1999, along with Legal Crime, Cobra City, and a few others. Mick's Strip Poker then was still a DOS game, and it was still freeware, including all of the opponents. If you would send him a set of photos, he would even create new opponents for you, though he never published the specs of his opponent files.

Later on, there was a Windows version which was more or less shareware, if I remember correctly, the game was free, but you had to buy the opponents. I don't know whether it's still supported. Everything I write here is about the old DOS version, the only one I've ever played.

Like so many strip poker games, Mick's Strip Poker is essentially a slide show. When they run out of money, your opponents will sell you a piece of clothing for $100, and you see a new picture. When they have no more clothes to sell, they will sell their modesty. Then the game is over and you can start a new one if you want.

Mick's Strip Poker isn't badly done. It even has a built-in screenshot function. If you'd like it, I can't tell. Photographic images rendered at 256 colors were slightly out of date even in 1998, that's for sure. But for me it's nostalgic, and I still play it now and then. If you are looking for a more advanced strip poker to run on the same hardware, try Stripper Poker.

As a footnote, how come I list it as an Estonian game? There is absolutely no hint about the identity of Mick. Well, when the old homepage went down, the redirection URL resolved to www.hot.ee. Since this site is completely in Estonian, it seems highly unlikely that anyone who isn't Estonian himself would have a site hosted there.

Download Mick's Strip Poker (10.4MB)

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