Erotic Puzzle Games

I use the term puzzle rather loosely here. Some of them are actually arcade or board games, what they all have in common is that they reward the successful player with erotic pics, ranging from the very tame (Logo) to the outright pornographic (Marble Cooking). But the erotic element is not part of the gameplay itself.

Zodiac Strip ZX               85 Yu  
Blue Angel 69     C64 Atari ST Amiga DOS   MaxIt 89 De  
Logo     C64 Atari ST Amiga DOS     90 De  
Sexy Droids         Amiga DOS   MaxIt 92 De  
Sexversi   Atari 800           Othello 93 Pl Mirage
15 Move Hole Puzzle           DOS   Puzzle Ru  
Pornpipe           DOS   Pipe Dream Be  
Marble Cooking           DOS     94 Jp  
Erotica     C64         MaxIt 95 Pl  
Blue Angel '69 Remake             W16 MaxIt Si Uros Sajko
XOXO             W32 Tic Tac Toe 99    

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