Bang! Bang!

What is it?
An artillery game for Windows 3.1, 1990.
What computer or emulator will it run on?
Anything that runs Windows 3.0.
Similar Games
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Bang! Bang! was inspired by a game that I originally encountered on a Tektronix S-3270 ATE (test system). The game was called SHOOT. As a new Windows programmer, I thought writing a Windows version of this game might be a fun and interesting way to get my feet wet with Windows. It has been an interesting project, and as my first Windows program, I am pleased with the way it turned out. I hope you share my feelings and find some enjoyment in it.

The original version of SHOOT was designed for the multi-user environment of the Tektronix S-3270. In this version, two players sat at two different graphics terminals, each with a copy of the playfield on his screen, and took turns shooting at each other. There were some interesting angles (no pun intended) that this arrangement added to the game (for example, you couldn't see each other's angle/velocity inputs, so you didn't know for sure how close the other guy was to getting you). In the future, I would very much like to add equivalent capability to Bang! Bang!, so that players can sit at separate PCs (most likely linked together via serial ports). Your shareware support will go a long way towards helping this to happen. When you register, send along your name, address, and any comments, hints, or suggestions you may have. I will file the information and let you know when a new version is available.

It seems the shareware support wasn't all that great, for as far as I could find out, the multiplayer version of Bang! Bang! never happened. I'm pretty certain it would have been the first multiplayer game for Windows, though not for the PC: Modem Wars was earlier.

Bang! Bang! is a simple artillery game. The landscape is randomly generated and usually, but not always, creates a hill between the two opponents. You define angle and velocity of your shot, wind speed is displayed and taken into calculation. Bang! Bang! has none of the fancy add-ons Ballerburg sports, it is pure ballistics, and it's either hit or miss: the first successful shot will destroy your opponent's cannon and end the game.

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